Architectural photorealism & 360° virtual tour

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The technological advances of space projection and presentation are now amazing. We see great examples on various fields, in TV spots, commercial adverts and even greater in movies.

In Architecture specifically, the photoreal presentation of future buildings while going through the design phase is now a standard tool. Colour hand-drawn presentation sketches are taking the place in history, as photorealism gradually takes over. However, even this powerful presentation technique is not the best on you can expect because of two major drawbacks :

  • It's two dimensional
  • It's still

The combination of Virtual Tours with Architectural Photorealism, comes in to introduce new presentation methods and take the process a bit further than usual. The customer now has the ability to explore from the inside the spaces that will be constructed, without effort. You can therefore extract very useful:

  • The depth of an area
  • Ways of optimising the general arrangement
  • If the proposal is fully functional
  • Unforseen 'blind' spots
  • Possible discrepancies and misjudgements .

The process of building a full 360° architectural model in order to create the virtual tour, requires a made up mind about about how you want your building to be on completion. The rest is our specialist's job, who will develop the proposal and present your wishes on the 3D / 360° model.

The main features of our virtual tours are listed below:

  • Display of multiple captured areas, within the same viewing environment
  • Internal links with arrows for transition among different areas
  • Previews of different areas as thumbnails
  • Previews of different areas as image stack
  • Choose the go-to area from a drop-down list
  • Music background playing separately on each area or as global theme on loop *
  • Still images as hotspots for additional information
  • Stereographic, little planet, fisheye, architectural projection of the tour
  • Your business logo on any corner of the tour or on the nadir spot
  • Plan view map of your establishment with active go-to hotspots
  • iPhone and iPad compatible with active gyroscopic function
  • Predefined, domain protection of the tour
  • PC-CD product, for use on projectors or other off-line presentations
* The possible cost of obtaining the copyright for the use of music on the virtual tour's background, is the customer's responsibility.

You can also view more examples of our virtual tours work from our Portfolio.