360° virtual tours for real estate

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With a fast-growing lifestyle rhythm and high demands on time management as well as successful investments, there's not much room for loss of precious time and physical energy. Not to mention loss of money. Needless, non-profitable actions can bring negative results in all of these fields and that's something you probably don't wish for.

Today's demands on a realtor's schedule, call for the use of tools that can assist him/her to reach the desired goal with as less effort as possible. Real estate virtual tours, are becoming one of the most powerful tools that a realtor can use, in order to better filter the customer's needs and be more accurate on the time, energy and money that need to be spent. By using a virtual tour of a house for sale, you can show a wider range of areas, associations between spaces, room widths and heights, no hidden spots thus more trust for that house, but most of all understand if you really need to organise a house viewing with that particular customer or not.

What can a virtual tour do for you?

  • Estimate a lot faster what your customer's needs are and make more suitable proposals
  • Help your customers understand the spaces much better without having to visit all possible proposals
  • Save you time and energy from pointless house viewings with clients that had the wrong idea about the space, by simply going through still photos

Have a look below at some of the houses for sale we' ve captured with a virtual tour:

The main features of our virtual tours are listed below:

  • Display of multiple captured areas, within the same viewing environment
  • Internal links with arrows for transition among different areas
  • Previews of different areas as thumbnails
  • Previews of different areas as image stack
  • Choose the go-to area from a drop-down list
  • Music background playing separately on each area or as global theme on loop *
  • Still images as hotspots for additional information
  • Stereographic, little planet, fisheye, architectural projection of the tour
  • Your business logo on any corner of the tour or on the nadir spot
  • Plan view map of your establishment with active go-to hotspots
  • iPhone and iPad compatible with active gyroscopic function
  • Predefined, domain protection of the tour
  • PC-CD product, for use on projectors or other off-line presentations
* The possible cost of obtaining the copyright for the use of music on the virtual tour's background, is the customer's responsibility.

You can view more examples of our virtual tours work from our Portfolio.