What are the benefits of having a virtual tour of my business?

Web users search habits tend to change all the time. They constantly require more information, most of the time right-to-the-point without having to search too much. If that need is not fulfilled instantly, they will move on the next website that might be more useful. Such search could be related with finding the ideal hotel for your perfect holidays.

Booking increase


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Reduction of wasted time for visitors


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Real estate listings with virtual tours


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You can read below, some interesting facts and stitistics on the added value and benefits virtual tours can offer you, as a promotion and marketing tool for your business:

  • Virtual tours decrease by approximately 40% your visitor's wasted time in your website (source: Property Week)
  • Possible increase of your on-line and telephone booking by almost 47%
  • 5 times more visit duration on a website showing a virtual tour, compared to one that doesn't
  • 75% of potential customers that have viewed a virtual tour, have stated that it positive affected their decision
  • Virtual tours worldwide get increasingly more that 5 million visits per day
  • The use of a well built virtual tour not only will keep a visitor longer on your website, but will bring him/her back again in the future
  • Listed houses of real estate agencies that use virtual tours when promoted, get 50% more clicks than the ones using standard photos only (Planet Home Study, 2007)

Average visit duration in a website without/with a virtual tour:

Websites with virtual tours (5x more)

Surveys relative to virtual tours

- Planet Home's 'Trend Study' has concluded that 75% of potential customers and visitors consider a virtual tour to be a major decision making tool before proceeding to a purchase.

- A study carried out for “Best Western” in the U.S.A. has shown that the booking percentage of hotels using a virtual tour of their interior and exterior spaces was increased by over 45%, compared to the ones using common techniques.

- A study for Omni Hotels, has shown that the possibility of an on-line booking was 67% greater on a website that used a 360° virtual tour. Most of Omni Hotels are now using virtual tours on their websites. (Omni Hotels webpage)